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I just love the fun of creating.kay website I used to love jewellery making, but since my accident my hand doesn’t work so good, so I’ve moved on to making cards, and from there onto fabric printing and creating.  My father always used to say ‘if you are down make something’.  There is nothing quite like producing something beautiful.  I think I get my creativity from my father he was an amazing woodcarver and sculptor.

Card making is amazing, finding colours that work together to make a special card for a person. I saw on a forum for crps sufferers, a card that one of the members had made. It was a 3D pop up ball. It was amazing and I thought I wanted to make one of those. I researched on the internet and found that it was made by using the big shoot and Sizzix Die 656024 and from there I was hooked.

The Gelli plate moved me onto printing material and producing fabric creations.  I make everything from simple leaf printed bags, and 3D creations.  I am really interested in patchwork and quilting.